The Oscars 2011…aka. The Train Wreck I couldn’t stop Watching…

Well, it happens to all television shows, and now I guess it happened to The Oscars.  They have officially “jumped the shark”.

When I flipped them on, several thoughts went through my mind-one of them being, perhaps James Franco and Anne Hathaway would be MUCH better suited to host “The Teen Choice” awards, because whatever happened on The Oscars just didn’t seem like they were the real Oscars.  I mean look at this photo:

And Anne yelling “Wooooo!”  almost after every announcement, or pretty much anything, as if it were a college football game.

A few years ago when Jennifer Garnier presented an award with a CGI Disney character, I was like….oh hell no!  In hindsight, I do not have a problem with that anymore.

But this year…The Oscars were just something completely totally different and not something that I liked.

I’m not dissing either of Franco or Hathaway’s talents…it was just a very very VERY odd show…but that’s just my opinion.

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