Atlantic City…it Ain’t No Vegas…

So my better half had a business trip that happened to involve going to Atlantic City this weekend.  Would I like to go?  Hells yeah!

I guess I kind of forgot that AC is kind of like Vegas…but well…not really at all.  Actually…now that I think of it, it’s really not like Vegas, but a really large vast episodes of “The Jersey Shore” and “The Golden Girls” with a touch of  “The Jefferson’s” and that hooker documentary about Atlantic City that they run on HBO (the one that has the guy with the really crazy weird voice).

We didn’t stay at the Glamourous Vegas Style, Borgata, where rooms there ranged from a whopping $500-$2000 for a weekend night.  Rather, we old schooled it and stayed at the Showboat, which made for the perfect “real” AC experience.

This was the view from our hotel room:

Look at the amazing housing that’s available around the hotel…what a view!  Of course upon arriving in AC, I thought, “Oh wow…this could be a cute vacay spot to have a summer home or something…”  I quickly changed my mind after I abruptly lost a semi-large chunk of change at the video poker machine, however, I think I “won” a free hotel room.  I guess my Red Bull addiction has been replaced by video poker.

“It’s like a video game you can win prizes at!”  I told myself…and LOSE money at…oh well.  Live and learn, live and learn.

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