A Super Yummy New Weight Loss Snack! Shakeology…with some recipes!

Now that I have your attention…that mouthguard I found in my room is still up for grabs.  There’s no need to be ashamed to admit if it’s yours.

I’m a big advocate and believer in Beachbody products and the people who work for them.  I’ve blogged about this before.

I’m currently participating in the Brazilian Butt Lift program-you’ve probably seen the infomercial…and two years ago I participated in Insanity with Shaun T.

This stuff WORKS.  Yeah, it’s really challenging, but if you follow the plan and the nutrition guidance you will see amazing results.

My newest obsession is their Shakeology.  The chocolate flavor is so amazingly delicious that it tastes like a “real” chocolate shake.  I also add just a wee bit of water in it and it tastes like frosting or pudding and it makes me feel like I’m eating something that’s “bad” for me…but in fact it’s pretty amazing for you.  It has a little over SEVENTY ingredients.  Including an added bonus of Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Phytonutrients and it’s gluten free.  Check out their website for more info, and if you want to BUY it, it is NOT available in stores, but at this website.  Trust me…it’s worth it.

Look at all of these ingredients! WOW!

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