Henceforth this Blog Has a New Image….

I’ve made a few changes as you can see.  Why?  (You may ask)  Because there are lots of fabulous things for me to blog about and I’m not going to just limit it to one thing in particular.

I found this in my bedroom today:


I’ve asked EVERYONE who’s been to my apartment in the past year…which, well has been all of three people, and no one knows, or no one wants to admit they left an expensive nightguard in my bedroom.  It looks really high quality and like it’s custom fitted.  I’d REALLY like to know who it belongs to.

I don’t understand how things can magically appear out of nowhere.  In college I had a pair of denim shorts from the Gap that evaporated from my bedroom.  To this day I have no idea where they went, although someone claimed they saw a ghost in my room once-as my dorm was on top of an Indian burial ground…spooktackular!  So maybe a ghost left a mouthguard in my room?  Perhaps I’ll never know, and it will just be one of those odd mysteries in life that never get solved.

If it’s yours…please let me know.  I will hold no judgement.

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