Gua Sha! Gua…huh?! I almost bought a Warhol…My Weekend…

My bestie is in town from Los Angeles, and in an effort to alleviate any further annoyance to my roommate (who I’m pretty sure hates my guts for a myriad of reasons), we decided to impulsively book a room at a swank hotel in NYC, and the hotel kind of sucks and doesn’t have wifi and I complained so I get a free breakfast-unless they forget and I have a feeling they probably will.


So this entry is going to be a cluster-f**k of thoughts and events that happened to me over the weekend so far.

I had Gua Sha done…no I wasn’t beaten up by my man.  I highly recommend this if you have stiffness or back problems.  It looks like I’ve been beaten up, and I was in a way…but I loved it.  Here’s a pic.

I also went to the Andy Warhol polaroid portrait exhibit.  It was good.  I considered purchasing one, just to say, “Yeah…I have a Warhol.”  but it was just a polaroid pic in a frame.  They ranged in price from 10G-13.  Cheaper than I thought, but not cheap enough to buy one.  I could buy a smart car instead.  My friends dragged me out…I’m REALLY bad with impulse buying.


Then we went to Billy’s Bakery and met this guy with the most adorable blog, Gayvorites!

Anyways…that’s about it for now.  I’m starting a HARD CORE diet and workout program next week.  Pigging out for now, that all changes on Tuesday.  For now I’m gonna carb out!

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