The “Film Set” Known as NYC…

Sometimes I feel as if New York City is a big film set and I’ve become desensitized to what happens in it.  Maybe not desensitization , maybe moreso in disbelief.


Today I was on 8th avenue in Chelsea around 1:30 and I saw a yellow cab FLY through the air and flip over on it’s side.  I was far away enough to know I was safe (or at least hoped I was) immediately people ran over to the cab.  Some Con Edison workers took charge, called 911, a group of men pushed the car back over.  The driver was inside, unconscious, still breathing, with the air bag inflated.  Everyone wanted to help…of course the majority of us couldn’t do anything, but stand there.  I quietly said a prayer for the driver, the ambulance’s arrived, and I went onto my appointment.  It was one of the craziest things I have seen while living in Manhattan.
I googled the accident, and only found one article.  I hope the driver is okay.
(no this is not the cab…I stole this from the internet for a visual)




After living in New York for over a decade, I’ve seen enough things that have made me simply just sit back in shock and left a weird sense of surrealism and WISHING it was a movie and not real.  Like the time the man on the train decided to whip his-you know what-out of his pants and touch himself during a long ride between boroughs while the other passengers and I just sat there in awkward silence.  The other time, when a woman announced she was going to take a dump on a newspaper on a subway platform-I didn’t stay to see if it actually came to fruition.  I just walked away, texting a friend.
Then like the times I’m at work and I see a girl without a shirt on, and sometimes it hits me…”Wow…she doesn’t have on a shirt.  She’s topless.”  Then I usually just go back to texting and become immune to the city’s weird surroundings once again.


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