Do You Have like FOUR hours to kill and want to bid on a hotel room?:Off and…

In a mild state of boredom I impulse bought some credits on .

It’s not a bad deal.  You “buy” bids, then you can redeem the bids for dollars towards either winning one of their “war” type auctions, put the dollar amount of the bids from the auction you lost towards a room for up until 30 days after the auction date.

I had A LOT of free time today…and I mean A LOT.  I’ve been laying around so much that my ass has literally fallen asleep, during my span of free time-I spent a good chunk of 2 1/2 hours bidding on a hotel room in Gramercy Park, a two night stay that valued almost $2,000-as I was watching the bidding war up until the last second-I became exhausted, and almost fell asleep, and someone won the 2 night stay for only $350.  I was so upset I lost, I yelled out loud.  I think I was more upset that I lost two hours of my life that I can never have back.

Pros: Off and  You can score a REALLY great deal, stay in some amazing hotels for a fraction of the price.

Cons: You have to wait out the auction until the bitter end and hope and pray you don’t fall asleep like I did.  Auctions can often go on for HOURS and hours…and hours.

I’m so tired after trying to win this auction, I have no energy to post pics.

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