Discounter Discrimination…why I love and hate Groupon…

I LOVE Groupon…I really do…but what I’ve noticed is that the businesses that choose to use Groupon in order to get business automatically discriminate against Groupon coupon holders.

I have a Groupon for a massage at a spa…that will remain un-named, unless I decide to go on a rage later and “out” them.  As soon as I called to make the appointment, I was told that they were “booked until MARCH 1st”.

“Really?” I said, “Wow…I didn’t know you guys were so busy!  Good for you!”

They of course knew that I had a Groupon, because I stupidly told them I did before I tried to make the appointment.

So what did I do?  I had my friend call the same spa, and guess what…she got offered an appointment for TOMORROW.

“Oh wait,” the receptionist said.  “Do you have a Groupon?”

“What’s that?” my friend asked before hanging up.


Businesses tend to use Groupon in order to boost their clientele, however, when people actually try and redeem their Groupon’s, it’s as if we’re almost automatically discriminated against because we have a discounted coupon.  A coupon that the business themselves chose to issue.  Who’s the cheap ass?  Well…maybe it’s me…but OF COURSE I’ll snatch up a good deal.  These businesses just shouldn’t be snooty when they finally start bringing in more customers.

I am cancelling my Groupon’s  to all of the spa’s RIGHT NOW.  I love you Groupon, but I HATE some of the businesses you deal with.

I highly recommend Groupon for restaurants, online services, etc…sign up here. Tell them Randi Newton sent you.




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