Yeah I had my reservations…but these Miss America DSW shoes ROCK!


I have a rule about footwear since I live in New York City.  ALMOST EVERY shoe I own must be able to withstand miles and MILES of walking.  I refuse to be that girl wearing roll-up city slippers or toting flip flops in my bag to change into.  I make sure that if I HAVE to wear heels to an event, they must be comfortable enough to at least make it to my nearest subway, or to hail a cab and not look like a wobbling idiot in pain while doing so.  Or I wear kitten heeled, knee high boots REGARDLESS of what time of year it is.  There aren’t really any super strict fashion rules in NYC…at least in my book.

I actually REALLY hate wearing high heels.  Like HATE it.  Let’s face it though, in my business I wear high heels anywhere from 8-12 hours a night.  VERY few pairs have passed the comfort test, and quite honestly NO shoe is comfortable after eight hours of being on your feet.

I was pleasantly SHOCKED and surprised when I got my Miss America shoes in the mail today and toted them straight to work.

I wore these for NINE hours until my feet started to throb, not to mention got several compliments on them.

I would not wear these walking down the street…but these shoes are ideal if you’re competing in a pageant, going to a party, even for a wedding dress, or working at a gentlemen’s club.  Who knew!?  Thanks DSW!

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