BAD Impulse buying and more “secrets”…

Everyone’s heard of the Master Cleanse right?  Lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper.  It’s not really up my ally, but what is are these really amazing Lolly’s from “Yummy Earth”


They’re organic with hot chili, mango and a flavor called lambada lime! Mmm!  Three of these lollies rack up to only 75 calories.

Whenever I’m hungry and don’t have time for a quick snack, these are both sweet and savory and fill me up until I can grab myself meal.  You can buy these at Whole Foods…or if you’re REALLY lucky, you can find them for $1.99 a TJMaxx…but they looked a little warped as if there was some factory malfunction.  They certainly tasted delish though!


I was in a cranky mood tonight and made the mistake of looking at Miss America’s Facebook fan page that I’ve recently become obsessed with because the new Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, is from Nebraska and only 17.  I want to look like her when I “grow up”…but I don’t think that’s possible, because she’s a lot younger than I.

When I did pageants, fashion was so limited and we weren’t allowed to wear bikinis.  We could only wear these one piece swimsuits that you couldn’t even SWIM in, or they’d fall apart.  We also had a limited choice in footwear.

I suppose I can wear these to work…now DSW has a “cool” shoe line especially for Miss America. Some of the shoes are cute…some of them not so much.  I’ve already gotten somewhat harassed for purchasing these shoes.  I do not care.  I can always return them.  I have no shame.

They need to have a pageant for “wild” girls.  You can’t compete in Miss America after the age of 24/25 I believe.  I want to start my own pageant. That’s a franchise right there.  I’m going to start a pageant system.

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