And Now….I Shall Divulge Some VERY special SECRETS to you all….special BEAUTY secrets ;)

I figured I might as well blog about this since I’ve been getting more questions than usual about my daily rituals and routines.

I’ve noticed as one grows older there are certain vices, “joys”, and various other things in life that you have to deal with in moderation.  Ahhh….never something I actually like to really participate in…but there’s a trade off- You can look younger and hotter for longer if you stop putting tons of crap into your body and take better care of yourself.  Or you can go full speed ahead and party it up and age quicker than a mofo.

Skin Care:

I drink LITERALLY two gallons of water or more each night.  Does water bore you?  Try flavored sparkling water.  As long as it’s sodium free…you’re good to go.

To clean my face I’ll use just about anything, as long as it’s with the Clairsonic Mia Brush….High Holy God in Heaven!  This thing has changed my LIFE!  I just wish I would’ve bought the regular size rather than the little Mia, I love using it so much and it’s worth the cash you’ll spend on it.  I noticed a difference less than a week after using it…and NO, Clairsonic is NOT paying me to say this (feel free to send some product to the club though!)

I also LOVE love LOVE Lancaster skin care products!

I use Lancaster’s 365 DNA complex twice a day

AND their Retinology Nighttime Total Age Solution Cream

Thanks to this, I barely wear any makeup, accept little dabs of concealer and powder.

Then of course I use botox in moderation.  I go every 4-5 months, and my doctor, Adam Mauer, doesn’t overdo it.  If you don’t need a spot, he won’t rape your wallet and force it on you.

Okay…so my smoking habit has curbed AMAZINGLY thanks to ElixirLiquid, e-cigarettes.  So I’m cutting out the smoking slowly but surely.  Now I just need to cut out the massive quantities I’m consuming of Red Bull…but I’ve gotta have at least ONE vice.

I’ll continue this blog in the next few days with my eating and fitness secrets.

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