The Oscars 2011…aka. The Train Wreck I couldn’t stop Watching…

Well, it happens to all television shows, and now I guess it happened to The Oscars.  They have officially “jumped the shark”.

When I flipped them on, several thoughts went through my mind-one of them being, perhaps James Franco and Anne Hathaway would be MUCH better suited to host “The Teen Choice” awards, because whatever happened on The Oscars just didn’t seem like they were the real Oscars.  I mean look at this photo:

And Anne yelling “Wooooo!”  almost after every announcement, or pretty much anything, as if it were a college football game.

A few years ago when Jennifer Garnier presented an award with a CGI Disney character, I was like….oh hell no!  In hindsight, I do not have a problem with that anymore.

But this year…The Oscars were just something completely totally different and not something that I liked.

I’m not dissing either of Franco or Hathaway’s talents…it was just a very very VERY odd show…but that’s just my opinion.

Atlantic City…it Ain’t No Vegas…

So my better half had a business trip that happened to involve going to Atlantic City this weekend.  Would I like to go?  Hells yeah!

I guess I kind of forgot that AC is kind of like Vegas…but well…not really at all.  Actually…now that I think of it, it’s really not like Vegas, but a really large vast episodes of “The Jersey Shore” and “The Golden Girls” with a touch of  “The Jefferson’s” and that hooker documentary about Atlantic City that they run on HBO (the one that has the guy with the really crazy weird voice).

We didn’t stay at the Glamourous Vegas Style, Borgata, where rooms there ranged from a whopping $500-$2000 for a weekend night.  Rather, we old schooled it and stayed at the Showboat, which made for the perfect “real” AC experience.

This was the view from our hotel room:

Look at the amazing housing that’s available around the hotel…what a view!  Of course upon arriving in AC, I thought, “Oh wow…this could be a cute vacay spot to have a summer home or something…”  I quickly changed my mind after I abruptly lost a semi-large chunk of change at the video poker machine, however, I think I “won” a free hotel room.  I guess my Red Bull addiction has been replaced by video poker.

“It’s like a video game you can win prizes at!”  I told myself…and LOSE money at…oh well.  Live and learn, live and learn.

A Super Yummy New Weight Loss Snack! Shakeology…with some recipes!

Now that I have your attention…that mouthguard I found in my room is still up for grabs.  There’s no need to be ashamed to admit if it’s yours.

I’m a big advocate and believer in Beachbody products and the people who work for them.  I’ve blogged about this before.

I’m currently participating in the Brazilian Butt Lift program-you’ve probably seen the infomercial…and two years ago I participated in Insanity with Shaun T.

This stuff WORKS.  Yeah, it’s really challenging, but if you follow the plan and the nutrition guidance you will see amazing results.

My newest obsession is their Shakeology.  The chocolate flavor is so amazingly delicious that it tastes like a “real” chocolate shake.  I also add just a wee bit of water in it and it tastes like frosting or pudding and it makes me feel like I’m eating something that’s “bad” for me…but in fact it’s pretty amazing for you.  It has a little over SEVENTY ingredients.  Including an added bonus of Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Phytonutrients and it’s gluten free.  Check out their website for more info, and if you want to BUY it, it is NOT available in stores, but at this website.  Trust me…it’s worth it.

Look at all of these ingredients! WOW!

Henceforth this Blog Has a New Image….

I’ve made a few changes as you can see.  Why?  (You may ask)  Because there are lots of fabulous things for me to blog about and I’m not going to just limit it to one thing in particular.

I found this in my bedroom today:


I’ve asked EVERYONE who’s been to my apartment in the past year…which, well has been all of three people, and no one knows, or no one wants to admit they left an expensive nightguard in my bedroom.  It looks really high quality and like it’s custom fitted.  I’d REALLY like to know who it belongs to.

I don’t understand how things can magically appear out of nowhere.  In college I had a pair of denim shorts from the Gap that evaporated from my bedroom.  To this day I have no idea where they went, although someone claimed they saw a ghost in my room once-as my dorm was on top of an Indian burial ground…spooktackular!  So maybe a ghost left a mouthguard in my room?  Perhaps I’ll never know, and it will just be one of those odd mysteries in life that never get solved.

If it’s yours…please let me know.  I will hold no judgement.

Yeah, I Bought a $20 Sidesleeper Pillow from Walgreens. I am Not Ashamed of This…Product Review…

Well yesterday was one of those days where my addictive personality came out in full rage as I went to Walgreens and made a few minor cosmetic purchases.  I will admit that I actually purchased two “Walt Disney Inspired Prints” from as quickly as I entered my credit card information, I panicked and cancelled the purchase.  They were nice prints from the animated feature “Fantasia”-no cartoon characters were in the prints…but once an impulse purchase is made involving a Disney product-at least in my book-I know it’s time to re-evaluate my current addiction to buying crap on the internet, and immediately returning/canceling the purchase-which has replaced my Red Bull addiction (for the time being).

So as if I don’t already have enough pillows on my bed, I gave in and dropped a whopping twenty bucks on “The Sidesleeper Pro”…maybe you’ve seen it before, here’s a pic.

I have to say, this is the BEST $20 I’ve spent in quite awhile.  There’s a little hole in the pillow so your ear won’t get “crushed” while you’re snoozing, and the back support it offers is actually pretty decent.  I’ve slept on this thing for two nights in a row now, and it’s seriously really great.  Who knew such a thing, a pillow I bought from WALGREENS for $20 could make such a difference in a good night’s sleep.  Go ahead and laugh.  I’m pretty pleased with this purchase.  My only complaint is that I wish they had pillowcases for them in different colors…other than that I’m so excited about this pillow that I’m going to take a nap…sleeping is finally fun again!!

Dry Shampoo Reviews! You May NEVER Have to Wash Your Hair Again Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Now that I have your attention, and I am aware that the title of this blog may sound gross…allow me to tell you about my latest obsession that has been life changing.  It’s been around for a long LONG time, but it’s coming back bigger and better than ever.  What is this magical invention?


What is dry shampoo?  It’s a really great invention for lazy people, and if you’re in a rush and cannot wash your hair.  NOTE:  You EVENTUALLY will and SHOULD wash your hair for obvious reasons, but I, Randi Newton, has been more than happy to test out several different brands of these products and laid them on the line for you, so you can read my thoughts on them and choose the kind that you think works best for your lustrous locks!

The “original” drypoo:


You can find this oldie but goodie at Duane Reade’s in New York City, and most likely at Walgreens as well.  They’ve seemed to stick to their original formula and it’s so so…good for an emergency, but keep in mind it sprays out in WHITE, so you may need to pat it down, brush it out, etc, unless you are playing an elderly person in a play, it could work nicely as both a shampoo and prop.

Pssst! (which is annoying to say and ask for in drugstores) now comes in the most adorable miniature travel sizes that you can tote along with you on a flight!  Good to know when you’re on the go!

The New and Top Front Runner: Batiste Dry Shampoo!

I’m under the impression that this drypoo is from another country, but I’ve been able to find it without a problem in New York City.  You can also purchase it on  It comes in original, “blush” and “tropical”, and according to the pic a few other fun scents that I haven’t tried yet.  This drypoo kicks ASS!  Your hair may be a little white, but not as much as it will with Pssst.  Just the bright colored bottles alone make any impulse buyer grab some for dear life.

TRESemme NEW Dry Poo’s:

I snatched up these new poo’s after being sucked into the commercials and rejoicing and hoping that I’d find something even better to fake wash my hair with.

They have two formula’s, one for “curly and dry hair” (I have none of those things) and just a regular ole’ spray shampoo-me being the product whore that I am, I bought and tried both:

Here’s a pic of the “foam for curly hair” drypoo.  I have to say…this is one of the only poo’s that actually made my hair feel CLEANER…huh?  It didn’t add any extra body, even their spray didn’t…it actually made my hair look “clean” and a little oily…so maybe it didn’t work at all?  Or at least not on me.  Nice effort though TRESemme!

Other Non-Shampoo/in-between REAL shampoo options:

The All Nighter Styling Powder

This product was on sale for $4.99 at Urban Outfitters.  It retails for about $18.00.  It’s VERY SMALL.  It has NO TALC, which is a key ingredient in oil absorption-and it’s one of the main things in the other drypoo’s.  Seriously…this stuff did NOT work well on my hair.  I could’ve used the whole bottle, but refrained from doing so.  It does come in different colors however to “match” the hue of your hair.

All in all…I’m a Batiste Dry Shampoo Fan!  It’s well packaged, smells good, reasonably priced…I’m sold.

Also keep in mind, when you’re in a bind, baby powder and cornstarch work fab as well for oily hair!

Now I’m off to douse my hair in spray on talc!



Gua Sha! Gua…huh?! I almost bought a Warhol…My Weekend…

My bestie is in town from Los Angeles, and in an effort to alleviate any further annoyance to my roommate (who I’m pretty sure hates my guts for a myriad of reasons), we decided to impulsively book a room at a swank hotel in NYC, and the hotel kind of sucks and doesn’t have wifi and I complained so I get a free breakfast-unless they forget and I have a feeling they probably will.


So this entry is going to be a cluster-f**k of thoughts and events that happened to me over the weekend so far.

I had Gua Sha done…no I wasn’t beaten up by my man.  I highly recommend this if you have stiffness or back problems.  It looks like I’ve been beaten up, and I was in a way…but I loved it.  Here’s a pic.

I also went to the Andy Warhol polaroid portrait exhibit.  It was good.  I considered purchasing one, just to say, “Yeah…I have a Warhol.”  but it was just a polaroid pic in a frame.  They ranged in price from 10G-13.  Cheaper than I thought, but not cheap enough to buy one.  I could buy a smart car instead.  My friends dragged me out…I’m REALLY bad with impulse buying.


Then we went to Billy’s Bakery and met this guy with the most adorable blog, Gayvorites!

Anyways…that’s about it for now.  I’m starting a HARD CORE diet and workout program next week.  Pigging out for now, that all changes on Tuesday.  For now I’m gonna carb out!

SHOCKER…Halo Salt Room CLOSES! I DID(nt) see this coming…

Remember my post about going to the salt room? Well I guess no one else did because they closed “until further notice”.  I got this in my inbox today:

I especially love how they use the phrase: “due to extenuating circumstances”  Like…wtf happened that made them close?  Extenuating is a pretty hardcore word.

Oh bummer…I can never sit in a salt room again.  Poop.

Rest in peace Halo…Rest in peace! RIP!

The “Film Set” Known as NYC…

Sometimes I feel as if New York City is a big film set and I’ve become desensitized to what happens in it.  Maybe not desensitization , maybe moreso in disbelief.


Today I was on 8th avenue in Chelsea around 1:30 and I saw a yellow cab FLY through the air and flip over on it’s side.  I was far away enough to know I was safe (or at least hoped I was) immediately people ran over to the cab.  Some Con Edison workers took charge, called 911, a group of men pushed the car back over.  The driver was inside, unconscious, still breathing, with the air bag inflated.  Everyone wanted to help…of course the majority of us couldn’t do anything, but stand there.  I quietly said a prayer for the driver, the ambulance’s arrived, and I went onto my appointment.  It was one of the craziest things I have seen while living in Manhattan.
I googled the accident, and only found one article.  I hope the driver is okay.
(no this is not the cab…I stole this from the internet for a visual)




After living in New York for over a decade, I’ve seen enough things that have made me simply just sit back in shock and left a weird sense of surrealism and WISHING it was a movie and not real.  Like the time the man on the train decided to whip his-you know what-out of his pants and touch himself during a long ride between boroughs while the other passengers and I just sat there in awkward silence.  The other time, when a woman announced she was going to take a dump on a newspaper on a subway platform-I didn’t stay to see if it actually came to fruition.  I just walked away, texting a friend.
Then like the times I’m at work and I see a girl without a shirt on, and sometimes it hits me…”Wow…she doesn’t have on a shirt.  She’s topless.”  Then I usually just go back to texting and become immune to the city’s weird surroundings once again.


Better Late than Never? Happy Valentines Day (after hours)…

As I write this, it’s not even Valentine’s Day anymore.  I am recuperating from the nausea I’ve been experiencing for the past 24 hours due to a massive peanut butter and chocolate binge I went on last night.  My nutritionist tells me that it’s completely possible for the body to experience a “hangover” after such a huge sugar binge.

Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday.  You should tell your significant other that you love them every day, and not make them run out and buy triple priced roses and chocolates for you and an expensive dinner.

I had the best Valentines Day ever.

Thank you Eric.  I love you!