Lingerie Do’s and Don’ts…Inspired by a Tuesday Night at Ricks…

Every Tuesday at the club we feature “Lingerie Night”.  I’m encouraging each and every one of you to come by the club and check it out.  It’s great…we have drink specials, and there are many lovely women for you to look at (I am fully dressed…sorry…but I still look cute.


Lingerie Tuesday has been a very interesting fashion learning experience for me.  Realize that in this blog, I am expressing my opinion, but in speaking to some others about the following, the majority have agreed.

Ladies, take what you will with my advice….Men, I know that some of you really do not care about lingerie, and some of you may have fetishes and be into some of this…with that said…here we go…

DISCLAIMER: These models do NOT work at Rick’s Cabaret!  These are images I have “borrowed” from the internet!!

Day-glow…uhh…no no.





Sometimes Day-Glo works…and well, in this case it does NOT.  Day-glo dresses, I say bring it on.  It looks really cool in certain lighting.  Also, this particular style of dress doesn’t work with the model.  Remember to dress for your body type.  Perhaps a baby doll dress would work better for fuller figured ladies.

The “cupless” bra:





I’m sorry, but any woman who tries to “sell” you a lapdance, and has on one of these bras and does NOT take off the bra, just seems a bit lazy to me.  I can understand that: Your breasts are already exposed, so why remove the bra? Come on now!  It just looks a little strange to me.

A lace turtleneck from Urban Outfitters is NOT LINGERIE!

So imagine this.  Yes.  This VERY turtleneck, but without the pants, red shirt, and a WHITE bra underneath.  What can I say?  Maybe the girl was coming from her day job and was in a bind…but on the other hand I’ve seen this outfit on her before, and I do not understand WHY she’s wearing it, because it doesn’t cover her ass…and the white bra looks more like a mistake, than a fashion statement.  I am not writing this to be mean to turtleneck girl (even though she’s not very nice to me)…I’m just saying that just because something looks nice with pants when you’re out shopping with your friends, it may not transfer well to a gentlemen’s club lingerie night-especially with the white bra AND the mistmatched underwear.  I’m just trying to help.

THIS is the perfect look for lingerie night:

Bra, panties, thigh highs.

Throw on a silky robe and you’re good to go.  Simple classy and successful.

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