Need Help to cut back on smoking?! Drum Roll Please….Welcome!!!

We’ve all gotta have our vices right?

I would like to thank Sal Governale for turning me onto the magical totally awesome world of electronic cigarettes, by putting me in touch with ELIXIR LIQUID

Who wants to go outside and smoke in the freezing cold? NOT ME.  With e-cigarettes you can enjoy a hit of nicotine without leaving the comfort of your warm abode.  It’s also a great thing to use if you’re wanting to cut back on smoking, after taking a few puffs on my Ego Excalibur,

I tried to smoke a real cigarette and it wasn’t the same.  I didn’t get the same “high”, and I was outside in the freezing cold.  With e-cig’s, you can smoke them just about anywhere.

Even better, you can get “flavors” for your e-cig’s.  Ranging from Marlboro to double chocolate donut, I can curb my smoking habit AND chocolate binging habit all at the same time.

I’ll be posting videos soon and pics.  If you have any questions about these e-cigs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, or .  Just tell them Randi Newton sent ya!

I feel so retro…I’m “smoking” in bed…and since it’s an e-cig there’s no chance of falling asleep with a lit cigarette and burning down the house.

Ahh glamour…

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