The Train Wreck I Forever Love to Watch: The Bachelor…

The Bachelor has been on for a million years now…(or it at least seems that way).  I will NEVER get enough of this crap, and every season they always say it’s the most “controversial” one ever!


I’m assuming that A LOT of people affliated with the show this season must be hard up right now.  Why, you may ask?  I will explain:
They brought Brad back after he dumped TWO girls at the final rose ceremony costing them all public humiliation and most likely hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy.
Nothing has EVER been the same for Brad since and “everything came crashing down like a ton of bricks.” Aww…poor Brad.
SEAL made an appearance on the show.  Forever letting Brad and his date taint “Kiss From a Rose”, which brought the girl to tears reminding her of her dead father.
“I apologize Mr. Seal…I apologize.” after butchering the song.
“I’m so sorry.  How did you handle that?”-a robotic emotionless response to his date explaining her fathers brain anersym.  I think Brad has botox ALL over his face.  He never shows any true emotion.  He’s like a Stepford Wife, but a guy.
“I like you a lot…a lot…I mean A LOT…and your daughter…I love it!” he says this to the sweet girl who tells him that her fiance died in a plane crash and that she found out a week after that she was preggo.  The REALLY messed up thing about their date, was that Brad (well..the PRODUCERS of the show in reality) whisked her off on a private mini jet-plane for a wine tasting.
I wonder if he ever apologized for taking her on a plane ride for the date?

Then Madison, a”model” (who really just looks like a stripper with fangs-she wears fake ones) eliminated herself from the show after walking out of the rose ceremony.

Next week someone gets a black eye on the show.  I can’t wait!



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