Miss Nebraska WINS Miss America!!! My Apologies for the Lack of Commentary This Year on The Pageant!


So for the first time in YEARS, and I mean YEARS I completely and totally space out on the fact that Miss America is on.  I go to a birthday party and come home and see all of this “Yay Nebraska!” stuff on Facebook, and low and behold Miss Nebraska has FINALLY won Miss America!  I didn’t even Tivo it…DAMN.

Teresa Scanlan is the youngest Miss America EVER, at age 17, and the first one from the state of Nebraska.  Also, I will openly say that I think she’s one of the cutest little things ever, and one of the more attractive competitors to come out of the state (I can say so because I am from there).  Here’s a link to her blog.

I wish Teresa the best of luck!  You go girl!  Now here’s where it gets tricky…this is the part where the 1st runner up takes over for Miss Nebraska, since she’s now Miss America.  Does that girl get all of the cool prizes that Teresa got?  Does she get a cool press conference and party?  I hope so.  Does it mean that since she automatically got “bumped up” to Miss Nebraska since Teresa won Miss America, that she cannot compete again unless it’s in another state? (all of you pageant girls know where I’m going with this.)

Perhaps if I were from a more pageant savvy state such as Texas or etc, I’d have a better idea, but alas I do not.  Yay Teresa!  The odds of you becoming a stripper have been drastically reduced.


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