What’s Your Sign? Dealing with the latest uproar about the new sign…

It’s been a HUGE press day for astrologers.  There’s a brand new sign called “Ophiuchus” and according to many sources, this new sign only applies to infants and kids under a year old.

Upon hearing about this 13th Zodiac Sign, I promptly googled guru Susan Miller of ASTROLOGYZONE. Let me tell you kids…this woman’s advice is on point.  I’m not super huge into this crap, but I’ll take a gander at certain dates that she gives on her site, and she’s usually pretty spot on.

THIS is her take on the new sign.

So with her advice, I’m staying a Virgo.  It’s like…I’m almost 30 years old, I’m not going to change my sign NOW.  

I have heard that this new sign DOES apply to infants and kids under one year old.  So, sorry parents, you can raise your kids according to the new zodiac.

This is really going to put a lot of confusion and a whole new answer to the typical pick up line in bars, “So what’s your sign?”

This looks more like a death metal band cd cover than a sign.

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