Should YOU do The Blueprint Cleanse?


I’ve been asked a lot of questions lately about my feelings and thoughts about The Blueprint Cleanse.  I’m not sure if the people asking have read my blog…so I’m posting this entry to say that YES.  The Blueprint Cleanse WORKS…IF YOU FOLLOW IT PROPERLY.

Did it work for me?  Ummm…..not really.  But that’s not their fault it’s my fault. I’m one of those people who LOVE to eat.  If you can muster up the willpower to do the cleanse and you do like solid foods, I would highly recommend their Juice Til’ Dinner option.  Fresh Juice, with raw food meals and snacks that are SPORADICALLY spread throughout the day.  IT WORKS.  However, I admittedly ate chocolate and snuck in various other “no no’s” during the cleanse.  So I don’t believe I made or got the most out of it.  If you do partake in alcoholic bev’s-opt for CLEAR ones-ie; vodka with soda water-and liquors-no no to beer, wine (even red on the cleanse) and champagne.

Also, it’s a good jump start to a weight loss program, I’m not recommending it AS a weight loss situation.  It’s also great after a December of pigging out, to give your body a break.

I wish I could create a diet based around coffee, chocolate and peanut butter, but I do not think that is a healthy or realistic option.

“So…what is the Randi Newton diet plan?” you may be asking yourself.  I’m working with my nutricionialist/gyrotonic trainer to figure that out exactly…but sadly it’s NOT going to involve the MASSIVE quantities of candy and bread, that it has been.

Once again, disastrously yours happy and healthy in the New Year!

Randi Newton

For your listening pleasure:

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