Digitally Disastrous…

Just when I’m thinking I’m forging a step on a new path, I take a test on Vizibilty and I was thrilled to see that I’m pretty…well “visible” on the net, but not in exactly the way I thought I’d be…then again, I’m really not surprised.  This picture pops up on google images when you type in my name:





Good LORD I look AWFUL!!!

This is what I look like now…





How come google can’t have THAT pic up?

Anyways I took the “vizibility” test on their site, and it came up that I was “Digitally Disastrous”-basically saying that even though I have a pretty solid “online presence” and I DO get a lot of hits on this blog, that it’s not really representative of what I’m ALL about.  It shows me a little more superficial than I actually am.  Maybe superficial isn’t the exact word…maybe “one dimensional”…God knows I haven’t donned a stripper gown for a few years now….

Today I am relaxing during the second “major snowstorm” New York City has had this year.  I refuse to go outside.  I’ve heard it’s not THAT bad, but after being labeled “digitally disastrous”, I don’t know if I want to leave the warmth of my apartment until I have a cooler image…(laugh out loud).

Disastrously and Always Yours,

Randi Newton

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