Men…What NOT to do when attempting to pick up a chick at a strip club or in GENERAL…and other musings…

Guys, I’m gonna share a little secret with you.  If you ask a woman if she wants your number, and she says NO…do not then turn and ask her friend standing next to her,

“Well…do you want it then?”

My response to that is, “Yeah…write it on a twenty dollar bill.”

Nobody likes to be sloppy seconds…I mean…come on now boys.


The first few weeks of January are cold and quiet in just about any industry-especially the nightclub biz (topless or not)…stick with it people!  It’s gonna pick up in no time.


Tonight as an effort to entice a man to VIP I told him we could order a pizza.  To any managers reading this blog…I hope that’s okay, he declined, but I think a “pizza party package” complete with a Wii console might be a really good selling point during these winter months.

Not much to say…I’m desperately trying to shed the holiday blubber I’ve gained over the past few weeks.  I hate reading on club message boards that I look “chunky”…anyhoo…those are my thoughts for the day.

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