Red Bull Resolutions…

After my last holiday candy binge on Monday, I have vowed to myself that I will practice self-control and only indulge ONCE a week on these things.  It has been FOUR days since I have been tempted to pick up a Valentine Peanut Butter Heart, and I’ve already had people tell me that it looks like I’ve lost some weight.  I feel like a white Oprah.

The one thing that I did not expect, that my amazing trainer/nutrition person, pointed out to me is that I am breaking out like a pre-teen that is perhaps my body’s way of “purging” out the “sugar toxins”.  Does that mean that if I once again incorporated candy into my diet again that the break outs would stop?  I’m tempted to try.

I have decided that I am curbing my intake of Sugar Free Red Bull.  I only had one the other night at work.  It was glorious.


I’m going through post holiday blahs.  I went through this last year.  It’s like, “Ok…now what?”  I have Easter candy to look forward to next…I feel like going to Las Vegas next week.  Maybe I’ll do that…hmm….

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