Toliet Training Your Cat: aka…Don’t Get Drunk on an Airplane if you have a shopping problem…

Yeah…we’ve all seen it.  SkyMall Magazine.

Dear SkyMall,

I’ve bought some WEIRD stuff for you over the past few years.  Like Japanese foot patches that didn’t really work.  I always love looking through your catolouge.  You have some of the best Harry Potter paraphenilia out there-first it was Lord of The Rings…then when that triliogy ended, you were smart enough to hop on another bandwagon and find other niches.

I especially love the “Toliet Training Your Cat Kit”.  If I had a cat.  I’d buy this.  Does it really work.

Keep in mind when you fly and buy-you get bonus miles.

(yeah some stuff is spelled wrong…my spell check is broken…deal)

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