True Grit…and More Musings from Being Stuck during the Snowstorm…

I think I may have gotten us an earlier flight back to New York City.  Fingers crossed.  However that same blizzard is now heading towards the midwest they day before our departure.  As much as I love getting out of the city, I’m kind of ready to get back into the swing of things and squeeze my fat ass back into spandex.

I went to the ever popular trashtastic “DEB” store in the mall and got an amazing pair of purple patent leather high heels that were only $7.00.  They will probably fall apart as soon as I try and wear them, but for $7.00, what should I expect.


I saw True Grit -talk about a kick ass amazing movie.  The only problem I had with the movie was that for some reason I had thought that Jeff Bridges was Mickey Rourke…during the whole movie I’m thinking, “Good for Mickey, his career has really gotten back together since “The Wrestler”.  Then when the end credits came on, I said, “Jeff Bridges was in this-I thought he was Mickey Rourke?”  my family looked at me in horror and laughter-so did the elderly couple behind us.

That is what happens after being stuck in the midwest for more than a few days…my brain starts absorbing all of the sugar I’ve been bingeing on and making me lose brain cells.  How embarrassing.

Being stuck in Mid America has also provided me with too much time to indulge in retail therapy out of severe boredom.  I find myself buying such things that I’d never actually wear-ie; purple patent leather pumps, a bedazzled black tank, and thigh high-high heeled stripper boots-like really really slutty things that would make me look like a cougar.  After running out of enough clean underwear I had to break down and head over to target, where I bought horrific Hanes boxer briefs for women…actually they’re pretty comfortable, but, Hanes…omg…I never thought I’d be caught dead in a pair of full back mee-maw briefs.


My chocolate intake has GREATLY decreased.  I’m still bingeing on carbohydrates, bread mainly and some mashed potatoes laden with sour cream, butter, cream cheese.

My obvious New Year’s resolution is going to be to cut back on the candy and drop ten pounds.  Valentines Day paraphernalia is already in the stores…but I’m looking the other way.

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