STUCK…A Flight Delayed for SIX days..and a new blog series…

I have decided to blog about things that are a total rip-off as part of a new series.

I have learned from making some bad impulse buys and last minute lousy purchases: ie, Minus 5, Halo Salt Spa…and now in the midst of holiday air travel, I was lured into “The Presidents Club”…you know…those airport lounges that are private, behind closed doors?  It’s like going to a nightclub in the airport, but umm…totally not really…except with a super high cover charge with very little amenities.


At $50 a PERSON I was expecting a red carpet to be rolled out for us when we arrived at The Presidents Club, but no…I have included a video of me sitting angrily in the “regular” waiting area surrounded by screaming children-and the picture above is KIND of similar to what “The Presidents Club” was like, except, not as nice of course.

With that $50 a person you get all of the mini cheese blocks, apples, crackers, coffee, soda, mini bags of chips, and free wifi that you can take.  Usually they provide “free” bagels, but alas they had run out for the day.  I should’ve just saved myself the cash and gotten Wifi from boingo, but no…a lesson learned the hard way.  There were no real freebies in “The Presidents Club”.  Before the recession, it was a good deal for the open bar-but now they charge $3.00 for well drinks, and $7-9 for top shelf stuff.  Although a glass of Veuve Champagne was only $7, if you had a frequent flier card…it was still a royal rip off.

When my flight was called to board, I grabbed a plastic bag and filled it to the brim with free cheese, crackers nutella, chips, etc…I did this with no shame in front of a family of four that was laughing at me, but I didn’t care-I will probably never see those people again and I wanted to get my money’s worth dammit!

FYI:  A yearly membership to “The President’s Club” is $475.

Next review, bottled water at TJMaxx for $5.00…wtf…really?


My flight back into New York City was cancelled…they have rebooked me for a flight leaving in SIX days…omg…wtf…I’m going to gain a million pounds or drive myself crazy, or maybe even get some writing done…some quality writing.  When a flight is cancelled due to weather related issues, you’re pretty much screwed-they don’t usually put you up in a hotel.  I’m making the most out of being snowed out of NYC!


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