Review: Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas…another rip off…

I thought this would be a fitting review since it’s Christmas and this is about a cold bar.  A bar that is the biggest rip off in the entire world. Minus 5.  Again, I give the owner kudos…who is probably rolling around in a room full of cash somewhere in Aruba.

When I went to the bar, there was a $25 cover charge, that included ONE drink and the use of a coat and boots.  If you want a nice coat and boots, you can pay an extra fee and get “upgraded” so you’ll look like a real baller.  They make you leave your cell phones in a locker because they claim that the cold will “mess up phones”…bullsh*t I say. bullsh*t.  They make you leave your phones in the locker so you have to buy an annoying photo that they take of you looking like a douche using their photographer, who in our case never came to take a pic.

Since I wasn’t drinking any booze in Vegas (shocker, I know)…I asked if I could have a price reduction, they said no, so I basically paid $25 for a half can of Rockstar Energy Drink.  I do not understand though…in this pic above that I stole off the internet, it looks as if a small child is standing at the bar…did that child get a deal off of the cover?

Anyhoo…this place is a rip off, much like the Halo Salt Room in NYC.  My New York apartment is bigger than Minus 5, which is located in the “Mall” area of Mandalay Bay right by Urban Outfitters.  Only go to this bar if, A: Someone else is paying for you. or B: You’re already wasted off of your ass.


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