Halo Salt Spa Review…HALO…Hell NO!

Well I think the title of this entry says it all.  Just look at these reviews.  I was not offered a plushy bathrobe or any complimentary bottled water when I left.  I’m even wondering if the blankets were clean, or if they just re-folded them.  We were given blue “bootie” trash bags to wear on our feet.

I will say that since I did come in with a Groupon , they made an immediate judgement on that my friend and I were there for more as joke to check it out, rather than to actually make re-occuring visits.

So basically we spent an hour catching up in the salty room.  There wasn’t much to do…but it was slightly relaxing and I licked my arm after and it tasted salty…so did my lips…I licked the salt on the wall…which they said was edible (but not recommended, but of course I did it anyways!) it didn’t taste good…AT ALL…see video below.

Really now.  If you want to blow $100 for an hour long session (that’s their FULL price) and do something really “different” on a first date, or if you are over sitting in coffee shops, this may be for you.  Personally I thought it was a rip off, and I did cause a bit of a commotion when I scraped my shoe on the wall to see if the salt would come off…one of the “attendants” came in to see if we were okay.


So all in all…Halo…oh helllll no!  I’ll give the creator and mastermind of this salt gimmick major kudos though.  This dude is probably lounging on a beach somewhere laughing all of the way to the bank.  What’s next…ice rooms?  I’ll review the Ice Lounge I went to in Vegas tomorrow…it just seems fitting.

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