HALO Salt Spa review coming TOMORROW…Vacation Time for Me!

Apparently A LOT of people are just dying to go sit in a room filled with salt because they were just booked to the brim until 9:00pm tonight.  So I made a “reservation” for tomorrow afternoon, and my bestie and I are going to just sit in the room and talk.  We were told we can have the “toy” room for kids, but they warned me that we’d be bored in it after a few minutes and that the furniture was too small and we most likely could not sit on the “salt” floor.  Oh this should be an interesting review tomorrow kiddos.  This is a portion of the confirmation email I received from them:

Some restrictions do apply:
We cannot provide services to persons with the following medical classifications:
Tuberculosis (TB), individuals treated for Tuberculosis, individuals with cancer, coughing blood, nasal bleeding or blood in sputum, contagious ailments and individuals with non medicated high blood pressure.
Please be advised:
If you currently need the assistance of an oxygen tank to breath, are pregnant or have a respiratory disorder (i.e. COPD, severe asthma), we do require written consent from your primary care physician.

I don’t even know what COPD is…but I don’t think I have it…if I do..oh well!


I am now on holiday!  Ah rejoice!  I won’t have to squeeze into my work uniform until January…look how thrilled I am in my Santa hat…Dear Lord, I hope I can fit in it after everything after the massive amounts of candy and carbohydrates I’ll be consuming over the next few days.

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