I’m Going to the HALO Salt “Spa” today!!!…

I think calling it a “spa” may be pushing it a bit, but I’ll certainly let you know what happens. Hopefully their services and ambiance will be as grandeur as their website .

You basically “sit” or “lay” in a room full of salt while you watch a plasma tv for an hour or so.  I’m not sure of the health benefits, but I have a coupon for two and my bestie and I are going to go check it out.

They also have rooms for kids with toys and games…but I asked if we could use that room and they said no. 😦

I’m hoping this won’t be like the “Ice Bar” we went to in the Mandalay Bay in Vegas…I suffered a bought of Red Bull rage there, due to my disappointment.  My friends intervened and I was not allowed anything with taurine in it for 90 minutes. Hmmm…perhaps I’ll write a review on that ice bar next.

Don’t let me down Halo.  Don’t let me down. PLEASE.

More details to come on Halo Salt Spa later.

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