REVIEW: Blueprint Cleanse…I’m OVER it.

Do me a favor…next time you see a blog post about me wanting to go on a juice fast, send me hate mail, or come and slap me.

Although I think the Blueprint Cleanse is a decent program, it’s not for me.  I have enough juice to last me the rest of next week at the  rate I’m going.  It’s supposed to “go bad” after 48 hours, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true.

Maybe this is also a bit of resentment from the fact that I contacted them and said I’d be reviewing their product awhile ago, and I never heard back from them-and they “gave” another blogger a day of free juice for promoting them. (her blog most likely didn’t have “stripper” in the title of it though).


My NEW personal website is up HERE You can also reach this blog there.  Eventually I’m combining the domains into one.


I just had a ton of coffee and two cookies.  I still have juice in my fridge.

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