Blueprint Cleanse Juice Til Dinner Review…MODIFIED!

If you love food DO NOT DO this program unless you and your loved ones can stand your emotional upheavals and complaints about lack of LOTS of food for the amount of time you are on this.

I have decided that I will take the juice that I’ve been given and make my own modified version of The Blueprint Cleanse. So I’m taking “lemons” and turning it into “lemonade”…so to speak.


I followed the program pretty well the first day.  I ignored the “no coffee” rule and had six shots of espresso over ice with soy milk and 5 packets of Splenda.  Then I had the “green juice”, a raw juice “bar”, then a crap ton of soda water-sodium/calorie free, then some kind of yellow beet raw salad in tarragon sauce- then I don’t really know what happened, but I suddenly ate an entire box of chocolate chip cookies.  I felt sick, and they immediately exited my system through the opposite end.  I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the evening though which was great!  It was like I could have my cake and eat it too.


Even though I felt guilty about the box of cookies, I feel considerably lighter today and slimmer.  Once again I had my coffee concoction, green juice, raw juice bar-all within 2 hours of each other, then I had the delicious PAM-Pineapple, Apple, Mint-Juice, and some kind of raw kale salad with “Tahini” dressing (that was AMAZING because it was literally just melted peanut butter-seriously.).

Now I’m not SUPER hungry, but I’m probably going to have another juice in a few hours.  Since I am in the safety of my own apartment, and there is nothing here for me to eat except-juice-I think I am safe as long as I stay indoors and don’t watch any shows about real food on television.  My energy level is pretty decent, but I can tell I’ve been getting on people’s nerves today and I feel like I’m “high” on something.

So this juice thing was supposed to last only two days, but since I ate that box of cookies last night, in turn I saved enough juice to last me for at least two more days.

I’m treating this like the Slim Fast diet…where I drink the juice for breakfast and lunch, and maybe have cookies or candy for dinner if I want.  Anyways, cross your fingers for me.  Say a prayer that I won’t accidentally go out and run into a pizza or something.

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