An Open and Kind Letter of Congrats to Jennifer Love Hewitt on her Golden Globe Nomination…

Dear Jennifer Love Hewitt,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your nomination for your performance in “The Client List”.  I thought you did a great job in it.  I LOVE and LIVE FOR Lifetime movies.  My first reaction was “Omg…nominated for THAT?”…but after much thought and deliberation about the whole thing, I think it’s about time you get nominated for something.

You have made TWO cd’s and wrote a book.  I’m just really surprised that you weren’t nominated for the Audrey Hepburn movie and that you were for this.  Party of Five was great too, I hope that you’re friendly with that guy who’s on Celebrity Rehab right now from pO5, he could probably use some moral support.

Although we have never met, we have a mutual friend that you went to high school with in Texas, and one of my friends slept with your ex-boyfriends WAY after you guys broke up, and one of my exes worked for Carson Daly who I met a few times, (he seemed like a cool guy, but I think you can do much better)…we did literally cross paths at Vintage in Midtown once, but I think I gave you a dirty look.  I hope this blog makes up for that.



UPDATE: J-Love was on Law and Order SVU tonight…rock on Jenny!

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