Blueprint Cleanse Part THREE…Round TWO.

Am I a glutton for punishment or what?  I have once again signed up for the Blueprint Cleanse “Juice Til Dinner”  I start on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on what time the stuff arrives.  I’m only doing it for TWO days…last time I think I signed up for 3.  I can’t remember and I don’t care to.

I think I’ll be more prepared this time.  Not to mention after the past two nights of massive sugar binging, I welcome another chance to put myself through (and others around me) what seemed to be juicing hell.  Why not give it another go?  Or maybe I was just bored and impulsively made the purchase when I was half asleep, but that doesn’t matter now.  I’m going to eat whatever I want until I start the juice fast again!

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking…WHY!?  Why am I doing this to myself again…oh well..


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