Santacon…The Naked Cowboy…Superheroes…and other weird stuff…

I have a rule that I’ve successfully kept for the majority of my time I’ve spent in New York City-avoid midtown: Areas starting with Carnegie Hall-Rockefeller Center and the worst Times Square…avoid these areas at ALL times and REALLY avoid them during the holidays.

What’s up with “fake” costume characters in New York?  There are an ENDLESS supply of “ghetto” Mickey Mouse’s and Spongebob Squarepants all lined up on 50th and 6th ave together just waiting for you to take a picture with them.  Most of these costumes are really just “half” the costume…like a guy wearing a Mickey Mouse headpiece with sweats and red sneakers.  There is such a lack of variety other than the Naked Cowboy. Let me tell you…after going to his website my brain almost exploded.

When I lived in Los Angeles, there was a group of “Superhero’s” around the Chinese Theater that would loiter around and work the crowd for tips.  There was a crackdown and now they can’t do it anymore.  Here’s a fascinating story about that and a mean fake Elmo HERE.


In Hollywood the Superhero people at least had variety…some of them seemed a little off…but who I am to judge?

Also…Santacon is in New York tomorrow!  WOW…I knew about Star Trek Conventions, and I can understand that…but Santa is really so one dimensional.

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