RT interview featuring ME, Rick’s Cabaret, and a $175 Hamburger…

A kind thank you to the people over at RT for taking the time to come by Rick’s and interview me and Allan.  Around 2:15 they start talking about the club, I’m in and out at 2:29…

See it HERE.  For some reason I could not post the video link…damn!

But what interested me even MORE in the segment was the $175 hamburger they advertised that you can get at THIS PLACE. Mmmmm!  I’m always on the prowl for a good burger.  But I’m wondering, if it’s unsatisfactory can one get their money back?  Is there some sort of presentation involved with it, like the slaughtering of a cow?

Has anyone ever tried one before?  Maybe I can just go with three of my friends and we can split it four ways for about 43.00 a piece-(that’s before tip of course…)

Hmm….maybe they’ll give me one if I promise to do a nice blog review…it could work. 


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