Making the Most out of Acne!…

Who knew adult acne could be so much fun! (Forget Proactiv…well…unless you have  a REALLY bad breakout.) I had a zit right about my mouth the other night, and rather than cover it up, I just threw some eyeliner on top of it, and voila!  Instant beauty mark!  Now of course some people asked me, that I work with-“What’s that? Chocolate?”…

“No…it’s a ZIT and I’ve turned it into a beauty mark.”

There was something that made me confident about having this incognito blemish turned into a confidence booster…I think it even helped my sales.  I felt like Cindy Crawford, circa House of Style days on Mtv-(I’m a little older than her though) but still…I was rocking out my “mole” in my 90’s inspired American Apparel dress…and some guys were like, “Yeah…I wanna talk to that girl with the mole above her lip.”  I think I may have found a new sales gimmick.

A word of advice: Use dark brown eyeliner for your faux mole..then dab some powder on it so it won’t look too fake or painted on.  Also…this trick works best with a blemish above the lip, on the cheek, maybe even on your chin.  Don’t overdo it.

Thanks to all of those to responded to my cheesy commercial.  I think some girl wants to hire me to write a letter to her landlord.

Anyhoo…those are my thoughts for now!

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