Too Much TV…

I recently decided that it would be a great idea to watch EVERY episode of “Dexter” illegally online, up until the most recent one.  Have you ever done this?  Watch a series in complete succession from beginning to end in one big chunk of time?  Now I need a new television show to watch.  It’s actually been a very interesting and somewhat free education about how the homicide department in Miami must look like or operate (even though I know it’s clearly filmed in Marina Del Rey, California…I think)  I’ve also noticed that the show has turned into a non-commerical-ish version of Law and Order with gratuitous nudity, as if the actors are all begging for sex scenes.

Julia Stiles is doing an awesome job on the show…shout out to you Julia.

I’ve heard about people doing marathons of “24”…that sounds fun but exhausting.

My forehead is starting to look like a Sharpei.  Damn you aging…damn you.  I think I’m getting shot up with a nice dose of botulism in the am…I’ll try and post a video for your enjoyment.

On a side note…if anyone can lead me to a website that I can watch Burlesque and Black Swan for free on…that would be much appreciated.  Thank you. 🙂

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