How to NOT Have Game With the Ladies…And Other Random Stuff, (you know the usual)…

Don’t stroll into a club…brag about spending $30,000 at Nobu with your pals (Nobu to me is upscale PF Chengs at this point), and then bitch about spending $8.00 on an “import” Henieken (yes I know I spelled that name wrong) beer, and still expect me to think you’re the most awesome group of guys in the world.

I’d personally be as happy as a pig in sh*t if an In-and-Out Burger opened in the city, or if I was given a tour a Red Bull Factory…

Maybe this is what makes me an extremely bizarre and odd person to many.  I’m pretty simple.

Other thoughts about my day/night:

I had WAY too much Red Bull (management who read this…do NOT worry)  I just broke out in a rash this time…I did not cry in the stairwell.

It’s gonna be tox time again very soon…oy….nothing like having botulism injected to one’s forehead to attempt to stay forever young.  Good times people…good times.

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