Asphyxiation by Super Glue…and a few other thoughts…

These retro-picture postcards make anyplace look quaint and cozy.  Look at the cute little picture!

I’ve spent the past two days in a much needed meditative state of bliss in my new “weekend country home” that I share with the most wonderful man in the world.

It’s one subway stop away from the city, but I feel like I’m in an entirely different state-both-geographically and mentally.  It’s almost like being in the country, but all I have to do is look out of the window and there the Manhattan skyline awaits.

I feel so removed from “city life” for two ridiculous reasons:

We have no television here.

We’ve caught up on Season 3 of Dexter all from some pirate website…awesome!  Who needs cable or a tv when you have a laptop?!

There are NO Starbucks here…ANYWHERE…

This could be the biggest readjustment…but I’m not complaining.  I’m all about supporting local coffee spot , and sadly there becoming extinct in Midtown Manhattan.  However there is a local coffee spot that is just as expensive as Sbux, if not a little more…and we bonded with the staff there briefly over how good the chocolate Almond Milk I brought in was.

On a side note, there is the most fascinating jumbo Duane Reade with a totally rad makeup section here too.


In my attempts to be a better handy woman and helpful to my man, I tried to repair his broken glasses by using some Super Glue.  It worked, however I left the cap off and the glue oozed all over my appointment book.  The fumes made me high, in not a good way, I vomited, and feared I nearly died from asphyxiation by Super Glue.


I am journeying back into the city tomorrow and looking forward to “country life” again in the near future.

Maybe a girl can have it all?  Just like Carrie in Sex in The City…(omg…I think I just threw up again in my mouth)…the perfect man, a black diamond ring, a swank pad in the city, and a chill one in an outerbourough-(I think Carrie had a place in the Hamptons, but that’s a little far away for me…at least for now.)


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