Oh! and This is Exciting! Come see and hear me talk about something COMPLETELY different than you ever have!

Listen, Watch, Enjoy, Read…

Well kids…it’s been an exciting week.  A bunch of people came to visit my blog according to the stats (I don’t know why, but thanks!) My mother finally added me as a friend on Facebook, I ate a WHOLE bag of Hannukah Hershey Kisses tonight (I feel sick now, but at the time it felt right…), I have another interview with RT tomorrow,  and I have been invited to perform at Seth Lind’s TOLD, in the East Village, next Monday night.  Woo hoo!

I will be speaking about my encounters with competitive eaters.  It will be really refreshing talking about something other than bikinis and breasts for once.  I’m just looking forward to the opportunity I’ll have one day about my college stint working in a mortuary….I’m just full o’surprises.

Also, I’m in a documentary…trailer coming soon.


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