Tis’ The Season…

I’ve been in bed all day…(no that’s not a pic of me..I don’t look that good when I’m sick..but one can dream…)

I’m already thriving in the Holiday spirit!  I’m still debating on whether or not I should make a magical Christmas village on my windowsill-the thought of that made me feel really old-so I don’t know if I can go through with it…not to mention it would take up much needed storage space in my teeny weeny NY apartment.

I feel like it’s Christmas already because I have had the worst head cold I’ve had my entire adult life, well…at least this year…I think I say I’m the sickest EVER, EVERY year.


Today I bought Oscilloccinum -(try saying that three times really fast-I probably didn’t even spell it right.)  It was actually really good and tasted like candy…then I was told that you’re not supposed to chew it up…oh well.  Live and learn, once again…I also bought a ton of chocolate chip cookies and some Reeses Peanut Butter Trees.  I probably shouldn’t be indulging in these holiday treats right now…oh well.


You know what else makes me feel old and like a total loser?  In addition to debating on making a little Christmas village on my windowsill, I’m super excited about rocking it out tonight with a double dosage of Theraflu.

Dear God…what has happened to me.  My blogs have gone from my days of wild drinking and partying in Vegas to this…perhaps this cold has gone to my head in more ways than one.  Bear with me readers….bear with me.n

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