Christmas/Holiday Magic Right in This Magical Orange Bag!!!

Yep.  Sure enough, November first, I walk into my Duane Reade to find all of the Hween candy marked down to half off (I’ve figured it out, the last week of October the Hween Candy loses it’s luster) , with a whole bevel of NEW Christmas candy.  The first Reeses Peanut Butter trees of the season simply tasted magical.  Did it matter that I am currently battling a head cold and small fever?  Nope.  It’s worth feeling like crap even after eating the first Holiday candy of the season…like a fresh berry picked right off the tree.  I am crazy and twisted, I know this.


Sorry for the delay in postings.  SO much has been going on in Randiland.  So very much to even begin to blog about at the moment, I’m crashing from all of the Red Bull and Reindeer Peeps I had tonight.  All is very very well…and I promise that more exciting news will follow in the next few days, so sit tight and go grab some holiday candy!

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