How to Fall Asleep (or not)…Randi Newton Style.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping.  Maybe because I can never fully shut off my brain-and yes…a big part of my insomnia has to with my Red Bull problem, I think everyone knows that-duh.

Usually falling asleep at a somewhat normal hour involves me NOT trolling on the internet or cyber stalking people on Facebook.  So I usually TRY…and I emphasize on the word TRY to self-confiscate my laptop around 2:00am.  I also avoid caffeine after 6:00pm-unless I’m working.  Here are some things that may help you get some shut eye.

Ambien-my doctor REFUSES to prescribe this to me.  EVERY Dr. I have ever met refuses to.  Maybe they’ve read my blog and seen my signs of addictive behavior.  I once met a girl at Starbucks who overheard me talking about Ambien and she said that it made her sleep internet shop…my neighbor told me that he’ll wake up surrounded by empty containers of ice cream that he has no recollection of eating.  One Doc told me that she had patients become addicted to it and have seizures when they’d try and stop taking it.  Anyways…I’ve never tried it.  After hearing all of that, I’m scared to.

Dream Water-This stuff is supposed to be all natural…I think it is…frankly I don’t care…whatever it is knocks me out better than any benzo ever has.  To any people from Dream Water who may be reading this blog.  I have tried contacting you several times.  Please get back to me for the love of God.  I order your product by the case.  Can we work out a frequent buyer program…SOMETHING?

Tryptofan-Pop three of these in your mouth, swallow, and in 20 minutes you’ll feel as high as a kite.  If you don’t lay down it wears off and you’ll have to take more.  Yes it’s legal and over the counter!  You can get it at any vitamin place.  It’s the stuff that’s in turkey and warmed up milk that makes you tired.

Over the counter-Simply Sleep-is pretty good, however I’m uber sensitive to the main ingredient, Diphenhydramine.  It’s what they put in Benadryl and every other over the counter sleeping aid that’s non-natural.  It makes me go a little crazy and not sleep so well.

Light Therapy-Look at THIS. I don’t know if it works, and it’s gotten a few crappy reviews, but it looks cool and I want it…that’s why.  I did buy and try this Nightwave Sleep Assistant-it SUCKED.

Anyways…that’s my two cents for today.  Maybe you actually learned something from this blog.


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