When In Doubt…Impulse Buy…

Should I go back to being blonde?  No, that’s no fun.  And since my horoscope says it’s wise for me to wait for my next botox appointment until the end of November, it just seemed like a great idea to go blow some cash on some Ken Paves clip on bangs.

Nothing says boredom and a phobia of changing’s one’s hair by solving all of your problems with a pair of clip on bangs.  As I type this…I’m already finding myself ready to rip them off of my head…but I must say, it’s nice to have options…and until the moon is back in saturn, the botox has to wait 😉


I have come to the sad realization that having more than TWO Red Bulls keeps me up until the wee hours of the morning…is 9:30 am even considered a “wee” hour?  Ugh.  So once again, I’m severely limiting my RB consumption (yeah yeah…we’ll see if that works).

Last night I had a Halloween candy binge to end all binges.  The aftermath was disgusting as I looked at the empty wrappers, as if they were dead carcasses around me.  In complete disgust of what I had just ingested.  I think I’m over Halloween Candy…then again….I say the same thing about Red Bull.

Off to enjoy my new impulse buy of clip on bangs. Woo hoo.

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