I’m About as Thrilled as Don Draper’s Secretary!-Aka…Mad Men Season Finale Recap/Review!

If you do not watch Mad Men, which I’ve found that many people sadly do not (it seems that the majority of the people I encounter on a daily basis at work don’t.)  You may be bored with this post…or maybe not…you really should start watching it though.  It’s won a bajillion awards and is quite fantastic.

With that said…SPOILER ALERT!!!

According to all of the postings I saw on Twitter and Facebook about Mad Men, I almost mistook it for an ad for Gossip Girl….”OMFG MAD MEN TONIGHT!” and stuff like-“DON DRAPER WTF!?!”.

Really it was one of those episodes…like a WTF but pretty f’ing surprising and amazing one.

Draper was dating a hot smart Doctor chick…well she seemed like she had it together and definitely hit it off with his disfunctional daughter Sally.  Then he goes to California with the kids and has no choice but to hire his mega hot secretary Megan (Jessica Pare...who’s actually in one of my fave films from ages ago)-that he happened to “hook up” with in his office awhile back-to babysit them while he’s at meetings and stuff.  He conveniently gets her a hotel room next to his.  They sleep together again…then he decides to propose to her out of the blue.  Like from F’ing nowhere.

Megan seems like a sweet girl and all, but in many ways somewhat of a servant to Draper.  Don likes his women meek and quiet and somewhat dumb.  Betty is on the verge of some mega breakdown.  The Doctor was too independent and smart for him, he has some weird sisterly bond with Peggy, but would never consider hooking up with her-because she’s now a copywriter, and more of a peer than a plaything.  Look at this pic of her…she looks like a beautiful Stepford Wife.

I guess some men just like dumb women.  They like to be “in charge” and have the upper hand.  Notice, after they announce their engagement, Don’s phone rings and his now fiance/secretary runs to answer it like a little bitch.

Joan is clearly preggo with the boss man’s, Roger Sterling’s, baby even though she’s married to another man.  She’s a smart girl, but Sterling has it coming.  Ahhh…how life imitates art sometimes…

I’m as happy as Megan probably is…estactic…but I’m not anyone’s bitch…the right relationship has a lot to do with equality between the partners involved.  That’s not gonna happen with Megan and Don.


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