Yeah…So I Tried On A Wedding Dress Today…(No I’m NOT Pregnant.)

There has been much speculation and rumors about my love life since my last beau and I had our nasty split.

I was pretty open about the fact that I had a boyfriend when I did press about two years ago…then after the press ended…so did the relationship…hmm…

Up until recently I’ve been somewhat mum about my matters of the heart…at least on this blog…but I’ll give glimpses into that here and there.


SO.  Thanks to modern technology, Eric met my family tonight via Skype-if you haven’t tried it or heard of it, I guess you’ve been living under a rock…but it’s pretty cool.

It was a bit awkward, it was just like a “Hey! How are you guys!?” my mother was glued to her Ipad playing Farmville, and everyone else was just watching television.  Skype is a good icebreaker.  Yay modern technology!


Today my girlfriend who introduced me to Eric and I were shopping in Chelsea, and of course we walked by the ever suburbian-out of place-David’s Bridal-She became extremely excited and insisted that I go in and try on wedding dresses.

The last time I went to David’s Bridal was when I was looking for a pageant gown…it was in Long Island, and they were MEAN.  It left a bad taste in my mouth.

No offense, but  when I’m in there I feel like I was shopping for a Louis Vuitton on Canal Street-hell…I could find something better at H&M…but we were just goofing off.  So I made the most ridiculous request when they asked me what I was looking for.

“I don’t want to sound all goth or anything or weird, but I’d like to try on a black wedding dress.”

Let’s be real folks.  I’m not getting married in white.  Come on now.


I was pleasantly surprised with the dress they brought me.  It was the only one.  It fit perfect.  It was on sale for $350 (that’s just about the price of doing a VIP room stint! so affordable)  Putting it on, was a bit of an unnecessary production, but my friend Trace certainly seemed to enjoy every minute of it…and it looked really good.  In fact…Every employee in the store came by and told me so.  Did I believe them?  No.

I think it’s part of their job to tell people that almost anything looks good on them.  I could tell by the glazed over look in their eyes.

It was actually kind of fun trying on a wedding dress.  Then thinking about all of the money spent on something I’d only wear on one day.  Honestly, I don’t even see me having a fancy wedding.  My sister did it city hall style in a cotton dress..and that’s kind of what I’m aiming for-or Vegas-or the beach.  There’s something magical about putting on a big fat white puffy dress with black lace on it though.  I guess right now…I cannot really say anything else other than NO I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED ANYTIME IN THE NEXT 200 DAYS. and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  Dear God…I can’t even keep the succulent in my bathroom alive…let alone a child at this point.  Stay tuned.


Come on now…do you really think I’d announce an engagement on my blog?  I’m waiting to go on Oprah for this one! 😉

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