A Quickie Blog…

It’s party time!  Rick’s Cabaret NYC is celebrating their FIFTH anniversary and you are all invited! See the picture with the pretty lady in it above.  Drink and food specials and ladies galore.  A THREE day extravaganza.  Am I going to be there, you may ask? Well you will just have to see for yourself.


Other than that, my day was pretty relaxed.  My bestie needed a place to crash so I let her sleep on my CHED (a chair that turns into a bed)…I do not think it’s very comfortable.  It sure is cute though.  Live and learn…live and learn.  It was like an old school sleepover.  We phone pranked people, watched bad reality tv, she ate Raamen Noodles and I ate some really yummy Duane Reade brand granola-(who knew it could be so good?!)-then we put on Tiger Balm patches, she took an Ambien, I chugged a Dream Water (which my mom keeps telling me that I spend too much money on, but it’s better for one than crack..right?) and we zoned out to Intervention on A&E…talk about feeling old.  Taking sleeping aids and basically applying arthritis patches and watching a show about people getting high and wasted.  Then we had a pillow fight.


I haven’t had Red Bull in two days.  I am pleased about this.

As far as the Halloween Candy, I did have an issue yesterday and went to town on it…but it’s over and done.  Once again, live and learn my friends…live and learn.

Shout out to Eric. Love you.

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