BECK: Now For a Musical Interlude and Lesson…

Are there any Beck fans out there?

I love Beck and I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform live a handful of times.  One tour of his that I regret missing was Sea Change-an album quite different from any other.  Here’s the definition of Sea Change.

Here’s more about the album if you give a sh*t.  I think it has an interesting background story to it.  Being one of a very small number of albums that Rolling Stone Magazine has given 5 stars to.  It’s THAT good…well in my opinion it is.  What an interesting reminder that whole thing must be to Beck.  One of his most successful musical accomplishments derived from a bad breakup…he’s got a gold record on his wall to be reminded about that failed relationship…but now he seems to of happily moved on.

Now here’s the REALLY interesting part.  I stumbled upon this music video, “Round The Bend”, that he had collaborated with on this artist.

The song, video, and story behind it all is really haunting.  I first watched it in Los Angeles, drunk off of a cheap bottle of white zinfandel.  It’s kind of like watching a Lava Lamp, or a fish tank…takes you into a zen-esque state-evoking some emotion.


As for the Halloween Candy…I’m over it.  At the moment, I have more acne than a 12 year old school boy. ProActiv, looking for any F list celeb models?

Instead I drank four Red Bulls tonight….it’s now 6:30 am. Joy.

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