Forget Red Bull…Bring me Halloween Candy…

Night four or five of the Halloween Candy bingefest.


It’s like Red Bull…but different, and not a good different.  At least I can drink sugar free RB…but Halloween Candy is a different story.  Sugar free Hween candy is no fun-no offense to the diabetic readers out there, but there’s nothing like a Hween Chocolate Mousse Cat Marshmellow Peep melting in your mouth with the sugary aftertaste lingering all over my mouth and lips…ahhhh….pure heaven….pure Halloween magic.

“What’s the difference from a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Halloween version of the same thing?”  a co-worker asked me.  My response, shocked myself and the other guy sitting with us.

“It’s freshly made, it’s seasonal, it just dissolves in your mouth.  Imagine eating a really fresh apple, but it’s not an apple, it’s a peanut butter pumpkin-fresher than any other you will ever have.”  Our male co-worker started laughing.  I was raving about Hween candy as if it were gold.

So after work I head to the drugstore and load up on a grand total of NINE pumpkin themed peanut butter and marshmellow flavored treats.  Now I feel like I’m going to vomit.

At first I thought…well Halloween will be over soon.  But then there’s the half off sale to get rid of the stuff at the drugstores…then there’s Christmas Candy…then there’s Easter Candy…dammit!  I’m never safe.

I never cared for sweets up until this last year.  What gives?!

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