The Apple Cider at Starbucks is just hot apple juice…

Yes.  It is.  Today as I waited in line for my six shots of espresso over ice, I watched a pleasantly plump woman wait for her “Caramel Apple Cider”…I watched the barista pour some Tree Top into a steamer and heat it up, then slap some whip cream and caramel sauce on it.  For the price of a whole container of Tree Top Apple Juice, the woman got a grande cup of juice instead.

I will blog and say that I’m really digging the new VIA flavors that Sbux has recently revealed.  I particularly enjoy the cinnamon flavor.  It’s WAY better than Sanka and worth shelling out some cash for..and no Sbux is not paying me to say any of this (although I do get the “hook up” at some of their stores).

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