Mad Men…The Gay Season? Where Did That Subplot Go?

If you love Mad Men, or even remotely like it then this blog may interest you.  If you don’t, then just come and read it another day


Is it just me, or did anyone notice that a lot of the “secret” homosexual crushes/tendencies…what not, etc…have magically disappeared from the story line?

I can’t remember the precise seasons exactly but Salvatore Romano was CLEARLY flirting with some other ad guy, then BAM…the next season he was married to a woman…ironically, he’s actually gay.  Maybe the writers decided that it wasn’t time to break out homosexuality quite yet in that way.  In real life he and his partner own a store called Hazelnut in New Orleans.

Then remember Joan’s female roommate said she was in love with her?  I seriously expected something more to happen with that, but maybe the day player pissed off a writer too.

There were some gays in the office last season…but where have they gone?

Let’s talk about what’s happening now with Peggy, (Elisabeth Moss), and that girl who works in the same office building.  I was really under the impression that something was going to happen with them as well…but again…no, she’s suddenly hooking up with that radical guy who pissed her off, then wrote her an essay, then after they all sat in a car after spending time at the beach-they hopped in the sack together.  I’m not saying that seeing Peggy lez out with her office girlfriend would be even a remote turn on…it certainly would keep the show more interesting, but it’s pretty damn good on it’s own.  

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